Webinar: One Snap to Impact

One Snap to Impact Hero
Ursula Brady
29th February 2024

Out of stocks are costing you millions in lost revenue. With Aforza Studio, you can identify compliance & availability issues from a single photo and then automate the corrective action with workflows that place the order, schedule delivery and keep the account team updated.

One camera click is all that’s needed to get your products back on the shelf.

The Challenge

The challenge of ineffective trade spend is significant across the consumer products industry due to a lack of visibility into in-store performance. Despite investing heavily in brand promotion and optimal product placement, businesses struggle to know what’s happening on the ground. This lack of real-time insights undermines the effectiveness of trade spend strategies, leading to missed opportunities and decreased ROI. Addressing this challenge is crucial for businesses to maximise their returns and ensure their products are visible and positioned correctly in stores.

One Snap to Impact Effect Visual

Inside every consumer products company, there is an abundance of store photos, each holding invaluable insights waiting to be uncovered. These images serve as a treasure trove of data, providing a snapshot of in-store realities and potential areas for improvement.

One Snap to Impact No Lack of Photos Showcase

With millions of store photos at their disposal, businesses have a vast repository of information to leverage in optimising operations, enhancing product visibility, and driving impactful decisions.

Unfortunately, many companies aren’t doing much with these photos because they lack the necessary tools and processes. Instead, they rely on a MeSS of Messaging Apps, Survey Tools, and Spreadsheets – which don’t effectively work together.

One Snap to Impact MeSS Visual

This disjointed approach results in a jumble of photos and lists, devoid of meaningful insights, leaving companies struggling to make sense of their vast image repository and missing out on valuable opportunities for improvement.

The Consequences

The consequences of ineffective management of store photos extend across both a company’s top and bottom line. With 14% of revenue spent on ineffective promotions due to a lack of visibility and optimization (McKinsey & Company), businesses face significant losses in their marketing investments.

Additionally, the 5% of revenue lost to out-of-stocks and walkouts (Consumer Goods Technology) underscores the critical need for efficient inventory management and real-time insights into in-store availability and compliance.

One Snap to Impact Consequences Visual

These shocking statistics highlight the direct impact on profitability, emphasising the urgent requirement for streamlined processes and advanced tools to mitigate losses and drive sustainable growth.

The Solution

Aforza’s One Snap to Impact approach through Aforza Studio directly tackles these challenges by harnessing the power of advanced image recognition, vision, and AI analysis.

With just one photo, businesses gain actionable insights that trigger automated workflows across key processes.

For example:

  • If the share of shelf is low, Aforza Studio automatically generates a new telesales order.

  • If a competitor is detected in a bar, Aforza Studio initiates a new competitive takeout promotion.

  • If a B2B user uploads a photo of a non-compliance store, Aforza Studio rejects their payment.

One Snap to Impact Studio Showcase

Aforza Studio simplifies the process of turning a single photo into real business improvements, transforming how companies operate and expand. It streamlines operations and boosts growth by leveraging the power of one image to drive meaningful impact.

Watch the Webinar

It’s time to see One Snap to Impact in action. Watch the webinar now with Aforza’s CEO, Dominic Dinardo, and Chief Product Officer, Nick Eales, where they present a series of showcases covering:

  • Share of Shelf Analysis to Order Replenishment with Aforza Studio Image Recognition integration to Neurolabs & others, and workflow to create a Telesales order

  • Competitor Detection to Merchandiser Visit with Aforza Studio Vision text detection and workflow to schedule visit & send Slack message

  • Promotion Non-Compliance to Reject B2B Payment with Aforza Studio Watermarking, ChatGPT Store Analysis and workflow to hold payment in Aforza B2B Portal

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